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Yoga at Home

For Workshops and School Presentations

on Mindfulness

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Chakra Consulation

1hr  Online

This session is an online consultation. It will take place on either Zoom, Skype, Whatsapp or Messenger video chat depending on what is more accessible for you.


It is not a therapy session, but rather a diagnostic session. It is where you tell me what it is going on with and in your life and I tell you which Chakra or energy center needs fine tuning, is blocked or overactive.


This is a time limited session so it is important that you write down any major points so you do not miss anything.  After each consultation, you will be given a recommendation.


If you already know what Chakra needs healing but do not know how to go about healing it, We have very simple rituals you can purchase in our shop. 



Learn to Meditate

15 Minutes per day- Mon-Fri

I take you through a 10 minute guided meditation based on your needs. We then finish off with five minutes of visualisations and affirmations to seal the energy flow.


£10 per Session


£45 per Week

happy family

Vitality Re Programming

10 days. 90Mins per Session Online

These are intense sessions for instant change. I teach you 10 Pranayama breaths that will change your life forever. You will need to be available for ten consecutive days and have at least one and a half hours to spare. This program is not for the weak hearted. You will feel instant Energy/Life force. You will feel elevated. Your physiology and ability to make decisions will be boosted. You will feel a change in your health and wellbeing. Highly recommended for people who need to drastically change their lives but are stuck in a rat.

Think about it as a Mental Gym. Initially when we start off, it could take about 80 mins to complete the sessions, by day five, it will take about 60 minutes and by the end, you should finish a session in 45 mins. What is included: 10 Pranayama Breaths. Meditations, Affirmations and a little bit of Magic for manifestation. 



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