Introduction to minfulness

This is a 2hr session with three 30mins workshops that cover the basics of mindfulness. 

Session 1: What is mindfulness and how can it help me.

Session 2: The different types of Mindfulness

Session 3: Practical Mindfulness

These sessions can be booked Via the DUDLEY MIND WEBSITE 

Discovering Mindfulness

This is a four hour session that aims to equip one with practical skills on how to practice Mindfulness.

We tackle topics like, How to let go. Dealing with attachments. Mindfulness Meditation.

Understanding triggers etc

Enquire for more details

Mindfulnes in the workplace

These workshops are tailored to suit different industries.

We assess the needs of your employers/cohort and design a suitable workshop. 

We work with:





Support Services


We also provide personal consultations for specific needs

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