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Relax and de-stress with our Spa bath salt blends that include Natural sea salt, Himalayan salt or Epsom salt, the salts are known for their healing properties. Blended with essential oils, herbs, flower petals or buds .

125g per pack (2baths)

HAPPINESS blend -Natural sea salt Mango and Kiwi scent with Marigold petals.
LUCKY blend-Natural sea salt Strawberry watermelon and Rose petals.
PROTECTION blend-Natural sea salt Lime and Mint scent with Hyssop herb.
DETOX blend Epsom salt & Sea salt Lime and coconut scent.
HEALING blend-Epsom salts ,Eucalyptus and white willow oil with  Eucalyptus herb
ROSE blend-Pink Himalayan salts with Rose buds and petals

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Spa bath salts

125 Grams
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