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Yoni Healing Herbs

About Female Energy.

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Female energy is powerful. If you didn't know, here is some information.

Every living person both male and female is made out of cells. These cells contain our DNA. Every living cell has what we call Mitochondria. Try and do a google search and you will discover that Mitochondria is the "Powerhouse of a cell".


"Known as the “powerhouses of the cell,” mitochondria produce the ENERGY necessary for the cell's survival and functioning".

No cell can be operate without it. Here is where it gets interesting: Mitochondria can only be passed down from a Woman. Your DNA is split fifty fifty except for this one element...


Males do not produce mitochondria. It is inherited from Women.


 Now if you thought that the men in your life were more powerful than you... Ermmmm..., think again! Muscle wise yes!  Cosmically, Nope! It's known from ancient times, that women posses an energy that is powerful. All humans are traced back to one woman who lived 140,000 years ago. She was African. 


Oh, this Mitochondria is produced in your ovaries. Yes! That thing that powers every humans' cells is made, produced, manufactured in your ovaries. If this doesn't empower you, I really do not know what will. 

Years of suffering, neglect and being dubbed as the lesser sex have left most women unable to tap into and unleash this feminine power and energy.

As a result, we suffer from Menstrual Cramps, PMS, irregular Cycles, Womb issues for example fibroids and all sorts of issues. 
Think about it, why would you suffer dysfunctional in your body when your body produces the very essence that gives life? This is because we have neglected the house Yoni, that embodies this essence. Just so you know, 25% of all energy is stored in your Yoni. 

What is a Yoni?

Yoni is a Sanskit word for Vigina. It translates to Sacred Place.

What herbs were used for a Yoni cleanse by our Anscestors?

Basil, Parsley, Hibiscus, Magwort, Rosemary, Yarrow etc...

The universe is very intelligent. These herbs have specific functions that help with both Vagina and Womb issues.

The Role of Plants.

To understand how herbs work, you need to consider being in terms of Life Force. This is what the eastern world calls Prana or Chi. Most of life's Prana comes from the Sun. No! I am not talking about Vitamin D. I am talking about the ability to live and function as a human. This is an energy believe it or not. Without the Sun, we would not be able to live on earth. Plants are our greatest source for this life energy.

If you consider that you need to eat to live, you also have to consider that what you eat determines whether you live a healthy or dis eased life. 

Here is the intelligence of the universe, plants absorb Energy/Life force/Prana/Chi from the sun, and humans access this life force from the plants. When plants are tampered with, they lose this energy. Eating a grain of rice that has been processed(white rice) and a grain of rice that is straight from the ground(brown rice) have different effects on your life force. 

Existence and the universe are so smart. Every ailment in the body can be traced to a plant that can cure it. That was the role of Shamans(natural healers) back in the day. They utilised plants using divine guidance for the curing of ailments. Then came the Alchemists (present day Chemists/Scientists) who took the mixtures and started investigating and dissecting and adding and subtracting to create other substances(white pills). While the Shamans and Alchemists both have important roles to play in society, a time comes when each individual has to choose which path and nature of healing they want for their bodies.

What are the benefits of a Yoni Cleanse?

  • Removes toxins from the womb

  • Reduces menstrual cramps

  • Regulates irregular periods

  • Tightens and makes vaginal walls firm increasing sensitivity during intercourse increasing orgasms.

  • Can relieve vaginal yeast infections

  • Can assist with healing of vaginal tears after childbirth. 

  • Assist with healing of Hemorrhoids

  • Reducing of uterine fibrosis, weakness, prolapse and endometriosis

Our Yoni Tea.

Our yoni tea will help you with the above issues. We higly recommend a Yoni Cleanse as well.

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