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About Us

About Us

The universe is intelligent yet we experience seeming chaos and suffering in our everyday lives. For most people, life is a roller-coaster of negative events. Whilst humans think that so many things contribute to them living miserable lives, the reverse is true. For every suffering, there is a cure or prevention. The universe has answers and that's why this website was created. 

Our main aim is to signpost our 'other selves' to methods and tools that will bring about healing and restoration both on a personal, physical and spiritual level

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Herbal Healing
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Crystal Healing

The Team

'Find Happiness In You' was created 6 years ago by two sisters who are passionate about using holistic methods for the healing and restoration of Body and Mind. Both Linda and Cynthia have overcome major life obstacles using the power of practicing spiritual rituals. These include, daily Meditations, Breathing techniques, use of Crystals, Herbs as well as Energy healing. They attribute the ability to use these spiritual gifts to their paternal Grandmother who was a natural healer. They decided to reach out to the world in hope of helping individuals suffering from life's struggles. They each have their own personal stories to tell which have uplifted many individuals and changed lives over the years.  Both sisters live hectic lifestyles and have managed to understand and implement ancient traditions of Zen , African Herbalism as well as universal spiritual elements like Crystals and Minerals to cultivate happy mental and emotional states. "You don't have to re-locate to the mountains, or give up a city life to enjoy bliss. We teach you how to live blissfully in the chaos. It's an inside job"says Cynthia

Linda Mirembe

Mental Wellness coach and Herbalist

Linda Studied Technology at KTH the Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden but her natural creativity paved a way for her to become a successful Milliner. 10 years ago, she started using Crystals to heal herself. She has added to this the use of Aromatherapy and Herbs for alternative healing. Linda is empathetic and has a wealth of wisdom to offer any troubled soul using talking therapies to alleviate mental health problems. She is a member of International Association of Therapist.


Cynthia Ann
Happy Mama)

Spiritual Guide and Energy Healer

Cynthia is a Computer Scientist and qualified Secondary School Teacher in the UK by profession. After discovering her natural ability to use Energy to heal seven years ago, she now works as a Meditation Teacher and Energy Healer. She is passionate about Mental Health and her approach is to create awareness about the different strategies that are available to help individuals overcome emotional and mental stresses.

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