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What is Energy

What is Energy

Healing energy is the life force that we call upon to come and restore any defects that may appear on our bodies.


There are many modalities on how this can be achieved.

I use Intentional Meditation. This practice is very powerful. Earlier on in my life as I begun to meditate, I knew I could feel an energy after I finished the practice. I would seat in absolute silence and bliss until the weird feeling of 'electricity buzz' left. I enjoyed it for years until one day I asked about it on a forum. I was told that I was experiencing life force energy and I could do with it whatever I wanted. For example healing. That is where it all started.

I now use Energy to heal myself and others. Each one of us has this ability to heal themselves.

How does healing work.

Healing energy is love energy that flows through our bodies. This energy is called Chi or Prana. This energy is what animates our bodies. Without chi energy, we die. When we have ailments, it means that this energy is blocked and not flowing properly through the body. People like shamans or energy healers like myself are able to restore energy into other people´s lives. This process happens by transfer of energy from the source onto another through hands. No touch is required. 


Yes, healing can be straight forward if you have practiced it for years like I have done, however, the recipient plays a vital role in its success. The difference between a person getting healed, and not getting healed is surrender and trust. Wanting to get healed will not heal you. Trusting and believing that you will get healed is what will enable the healer to heal you.

Please read the section on Healing Crystals to understand our energy centers and more on healing.

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 Healing Energy

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